Use throughout your Home or Apartment.  Even removes grease stains.


Kitchens - Baths - Carpets - Laundry Stains - Ceilings

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 Spectrum Industrial Cleaner Concentrate can be used in all aspects of cleaning your Home or Apartment, from kitchen grease cleanup to shampooing upholstery and carpeting to laundry pre-wash.  Tough stains are easily removed with this product, including grass - ink - blood - grease - cigarette smoke. 

 Orders include: Cleaning Tips, Mixing Guidelines, MSDS.  Below are just a few of its many capabilities.    Home & Apt Details

Key Features

  • Safe - Non Toxic - Non Flammable - Biodegradable

  • You can make 5 Different Cleaners - 1 Product under the sink

  • Works in the Kitchen - Laundry - Bathroom - Living Areas

  • Economical - Concentrate, just add water


Kitchen cleanup  -  Bathroom cleaning

Product should be mixed heavy - spray on surface, allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes.  Agitate caked on stains or tough soap scum, then thoroughly remove with clean, non colored cloth.  Bleach mixture may be used to disinfect surfaces, including counter tops, tubs and showers.

Carpets - Upholstery - Vinyl

Product should be mixed medium - heavy.  Spray on stained area - agitate thoroughly with clean brush. Remove stain with clean, non colored cloth.  Spectrum is safe on all these surfaces and can be safely used in carpet shampooing systems.  Crayons - Ink Stains can be removed, instructions included.

Laundry stains

Product should be mixed heavy - spray on stain - agitate with brush, if necessary - allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes, then wash as normal.  Removes grass stains, makeup, blood, grease, oil, ink + lots more.

Walls - Wall Coverings

Product should be mixed medium - heavy.  Safe on all type Vinyl Wall Coverings. Spray surface - agitate with damp cloth, wait 1-2 minutes, remove with clean cloth. To minimize running, spray from bottom upward. For really tough marks, agitate with Dobie or Scotch Brite pad. String Cloth: Use Hydrogen Peroxide Formula.


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