Removes more laundry stains than any product on the market - guaranteed!

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Ink - Dried Blood - Grass Stain - Grease - Makeup

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Laundry Stains



Laundry Guide

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 Spectrum Industrial Cleaner Concentrate can be used in all aspects of your laundry pre-wash.  No cleaner removes as many stains:  Grass - Ink - Blood - Grease - Makeup - Red Clay - Dryer Sheet Stains are just a few of the many clothing stains that are easily removed.   

 Orders include: Cleaning Tips, Mixing Guidelines, MSDS.  Listed here are just a few of its many benefits and capabilities.  Our New Laundry Guide for Men (Women Also) is now available for downloading.  Click on the Laundry Guide link on the left - this will open in new window.

Key Features

  • Safe - Non Toxic - Non Flammable - Biodegradable

  • Make Different Type Cleaners - Buy 1 Product

  • Also works in the Kitchen - Bathroom - Living Areas

  • Economical - Concentrate - Mix with water


Laundry Stains

Product should be mixed heavy - spray on stain - agitate with brush, if necessary - allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes, then wash as normal.  Removes grass stains, makeup, dried blood, grease, oil, ink, red clay plus lots more. Prior to drying, make sure stain is completely out - air dry garment, if unsure - dryer heat can set in certain stains.

Dryer Sheet Stains

Dryer sheets can leave a stain on dark colored clothing - this looks like oil spots and only show up after drying.  This seems to be caused by the chemicals reacting with material.  Spray a heavy mixture directly on spots, thoroughly working it in, then wash garment.  To aid in preventing this, try turning the clothing item inside out.


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