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Cleaning Safety:  With any cleaning project, it is equally important to use the proper tools and safety procedures as well as a good cleaner — always wear protective safety goggles when spraying cleaners overhead or outdoors. Never spray cleaners around small children-no matter how safe they are.

Recommended Cleaning Tools

A: Clean, non-colored terry cloth towels — use no fabric softener.
B: Medium bristle brush for porous surfaces.
C: Nylon Dobie® or 3M Scotch Brite® pads for crusted stains.
D: Deck or Steel brush for concrete surfaces.

E: Commercial equipment for large jobs.

Cleaning Tips

Hard Surfaces - apply Spectrum to stain - agitate with cloth, brush, or Dobie® pad. Remove with clean cloth or rinse thoroughly with water.

Porous surfaces - spray on area to be cleaned, then, using a medium bristle brush, agitate solution into surface, allow ample working time. Remove with clean cloth or rinse with water. For severe stains - try heat treatment described under Kool Aid section in brochure.

Hard crusted stains - spray on area to be cleaned and use Nylon Dobie® or 3M Scotch Brite® pad to work it into surface. Allow solution to work for 1 minute or longer, then use clean dry cloth to remove stain or rinse thoroughly with water.

Flooring - Mix in bucket - apply with mop or brush on hard surface flooring. Use floor buffer for large areas.  Carpets -  When cleaning entire rooms of carpeting - add 1 oz. of vinegar / gallon to produce a wetter solution leaving fibers soft when totally dry.

Ceilings - Mix Ceiling Cleaning Formulation in Garden Type Sprayer - use fine mist setting, making sure not to saturate surface.  Keep mixture away from windows and eye glasses - bonding can occur.

Latex painted surfaces - Should mixture dry too fast - add 1/2 oz. vinegar to solution or agitate surface with damp cloth.

Glass Surfaces - Use Glass Formula - do not use cloths that contain fabric softener, streaking will occur - no matter the cleaner.

Repeat Applications - Dry the surface as much as possible.

Surface Damage - Any cleaner left on surfaces for long periods of time can cause damage - remove with cloth or rinse thoroughly prior to drying.

Fabrics - Always test for color fastness

Streaking - Reduce mixture strength on hard surfaces - especially glass.

Safe On All Type Surfaces When Used Properly

  Note:  Depending on the type of stain and the length of its existence, it may be necessary to reapply Spectrum  two or more times to remove it completely. Certain stains will require the use of heat described under Red Food Dye in Cleaning Tips brochure. Spectrum, nor any other product, will remove all stains.
Sprayer Maintenance: Should sprayer leak — soak in warm water for 10 minutes - work trigger handle while holding sprayer under water to thoroughly clean and rinse.

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