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 Our Spectrum Concentrate is an industrial strength multipurpose cleaner that is one of the most versatile cleaners on the market today.  It works on a host of your tough cleaning projects around Homes, Businesses, or Apartments.  Here are just some of its many uses:

  • Clean + Whiten Acoustical - Popcorn - Textured - Drop - Painted Ceilings

  • Remove grease and cooking residue from kitchen ceilings

  • Transform yellow cigarette smoke stained ceilings to original white

  • Remove cooking oil and grease in the kitchen

  • Shampoo your carpeting - removes grease and oil stains

  • Removes soap scum from showers and bathtubs, including Fiberglas type

  • Clean up motor oil + grease - Use on autos, boats, or campers

  • Safely clean Fiberglas Gel Coat, including boats and campers

  • Clean exhaust fumes from boat hulls, including diesel exhaust

  • Easily remove black mold - mildew with our Bleach Formula

  • True concentrate that is mixed with water - not to be used straight

  • Economical - Costs less than $4.50 a gallon mixed

  • Proudly Developed and Manufactured in the USA

  • Secure Credit Card Ordering - Free US Delivery - Ordering Page

  • Order By Mail - Save 5% - Order Form

Create Multiple Cleaning Solutions With Spectrum Cleaner + Degreaser

  • Mix with water for heavy duty cleaning / degreasing or spot removal.

  • Mix 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to our concentrate for cleaning all types of ceilings, including textured popcorn.  Customers rave about the results - click Testimonials to read actual comments.  Click Here to visit our dedicated site on cleaning your ceilings, including water spots.

  • Safely add Clorox Bleach to concentrate for disinfecting or removing tough black mold and mildew

  • Mix in white Vinegar and use for soap scum removal plus window cleaning

  • Concentrate - Each gallon = 8 Gallons of commercial cleaner + degreaser

  • Reduces your cleaner costs -under $4.50 per Gallon mixed

 Spectrum's capabilities and versatility are unmatched!  Our cleaner concentrate is totally biodegradable and safe to use around your apartment, home, or company, plus is sold with a 180 day unconditional money back guarantee.

 We look forward to helping solve your tough cleaning applications!  Contact us and see what problem Spectrum Cleaner + Degreaser can assist you with.


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